Financial Assistance

The A2SO offers financial assistance opportunities for music teachers and their students to participate in A2SO Education programs.

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The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra has limited funding available to subsidize the cost of bussing to the Link Up and Middle School Youth Concerts.  If you would like to apply for a bussing subsidy, please provide the necessary information on your Youth Concert Ticket Reservation form.

Award allocations are determined by an “Overall Need Score” that considers the following factors:

  • distance from the school to Hill Auditorium (25%)
  • number of buses needed (25%)
  • free and reduced lunch percentage (50%)

The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra has funding available to subsidize the cost of In-School programs at Title I schools. Contact Yi-Ching Chen, Director of Eduction & Community Engagement about availability of subsidies.


Remedios Montalbo and A. Michael Young and the Ann Arbor Symphony (A2SO) are pleased to announce the formation of two new scholarships designed for a graduating senior at Pinckney Community High School and at Ypsilanti Community High to attend a college, university or technical school in a general field of study. These are in addition to scholarships for a Pinckney and Ypsilanti High School graduating senior in music- or arts-related field that began in 2017.

The scholarships are typically awarded at spring graduation ceremonies at the community high schools. Each of the one-year, $2,500 scholarships is based on the Young’s deep pride in their community, their respect for education, their belief in the potential that is part of every youngster, and their abiding respect for the spirit of volunteerism.

A. Michael Young is the son of a German immigrant who earned a living as a photographer in Detroit, Michigan. His mother was a piano accompanist at several Detroit Public Schools and Churches. He attended a cooperative school (work-study program) to help fund his undergraduate degree and completed graduate work in biochemistry with the help of research assistantships.

Remedios Montalbo Young was born and raised in the Philippines Islands. After earning a Chemistry degree, she was offered teaching/research fellowships in the United States to complete her post-graduate degree. Her formative years were shaped by a strong spirit of hard work and moral ethics instilled by her parents and guardians. Pursuit of higher education was encouraged as a means of escaping poverty.

Both Youngs enjoyed 30-plus year careers as Research Scientists at Parke-Davis / Warner-Lambert / Pfizer. Over the years, they along with their sons, Ricardo and Michael developed their love of Washtenaw and Livingston (where they now reside) Counties, education, youth, volunteerism, and music.

The A2SO maintains a vibrant and successful partnership with Livingston County Schools as exemplified by the hugely popular “Side-by-Side” concerts held annually at Pinckney School, as well as decades of service to the school through the Ensemble Program and other Youth Education programs. Ypsilanti Schools have been the focus of the A2SO’s Youth Education programs, and the Ypsilanti Community Farmers Markets are home to the A2SO’s Summertime Taste of Music Program.

Counselors at each school will help direct graduating seniors to apply for the scholarship.

The Scholarships shall be awarded regardless of race, sex, sexual preference, creed, color, religion or country of origin. Prior academic performance, citizenship, extra-curricular activities, and recommendations from non-faculty individuals as well as the motivation, character, ability, and potential of the applicants will be considered.


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