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An underrated aspect of composers is, in my humble opinion, the array of hairstyles they wear. Sure, they make some classical bangers, but I’m really interested in the personal choices of aesthetics they made that accompanied their work. Without further rambling, here are some of my favorite composers ‘dos.

1. Ludwig van Beethoven

First, I would like to start with a Very Famous Flow: none other than Beethoven. Would his hairstylist (or the painter of this piece) please step forward? I’d just like to talk.

(How Beethoven ‘undedicated’ his Third Symphony to Napoleon)

2. Robert Schumann 

Schumann, sir, I’m just curious: how much lard did you apply this morning?

(Robert Schumann)

3. Franz Liszt

I’m gonna be honest. Liszt was a hunk. If I could pull off this soft and well-behaved bowl cut, I would be doing it.

Coming to Ann Arbor: Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in October!

(Franz Liszt)

4. Giuseppe Verdi

Can we talk about the ANGLES, here? I mean, we’ve got the absurd ‘stache on top of the bushy beard that contrasts nicely with the beautifully greasy and surprisingly volumized fringe atop his balding head. Good going, Giuseppe.

Coming to Ann Arbor: Verdi’s Overture to “La forza del destino” in April!

(Giuseppe Verdi)

5. Edvard Grieg

Is this Einstein? Nope, and I think I would feel a lot less uneasy if it was. It’s Edvard Grieg, and I would like to use his head (and ‘stache) as a mop.

(Edvard Grieg)

6. Fanny Mendelssohn

Oh Fanny, those sausage curls are just too much. Who hurt you?

(Fanny Mendelssohn)

7. Gioacchino Rossini

I am very conflicted on whether or not I believe this hair was real or not. Dumb question, perhaps, but did they have wigs in early 1800s Europe?

(Gioacchino Rossini)

8. Niccolò Paganini

The look that inspired Hugh Jackman’s hair as Wolverine. 


9. Georges Bizet

I would like to lay down on Bizet’s head and take a long nap. He has the locks of Zeus (also, extra points for ~glasses~).

(Georges Bizet)

10. Modest Mussorgsky

And lastly, I give you Modest Mussorgsky. Wispy as hell, definitely achieved with some sea salt spray.

(Modest Mussorgsky)

BONUS: Jennifer Higdon

Sporty, low-maintenance, and fresh, Jennifer Higdon has found perfection.

There you have it. If you would like to fight me on any of this, you can find me in the A²SO offices.

– Delaney